suggested improvement for age of empires 2 definive edition

Hello, I would be very happy if there would be the possibility to rotate the camera direction like in Age of Empires 4.

But that’s a 2D game.
That’s how 2D and 3D works :smiley:

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Did u understand what i mean?

he did, thing with aoe2 is, its just sprites on 2D landscape, not 3D models in 3D game that would actually have depth

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Something else I would like to see is batch unit production at once like AOE3!

No thanks. Id rather keep any more aoe3 mechanics out of aoe2. They clearly dont work well

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People just missed the to play the game when it was released, because it demanded a pretty decent Maschine for that time. Reasons why alot of people stuck to aoe2.

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i think many aoe3 mechanics worked wonders for aoe2 so far (basically all aoe2 DE QoL came from 3), its just the matter of not taking it too far

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If it does not work for you is up to your business! It does not mean that is the same for everyone!

Yeah, cuz revolution mechanics work so well…

“Camera rotation” is an AoE3 thingn now? Was AoE3 also the first 3D game ever?

Also why do AoE2-onlies hate the other games in the series so much?


because they always had that outlook, to them there’s the forgotten aoe1 and the perfect aoe2, the rest doesn’t exist to them, its called arrogance

Let’s just leave it like that and not get mean to each other c:

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just stating the obvious, not saying its not ok to have negative opinion on post aoe2 era, but at least be consistent while at it

I think you may want to look up the definition of arrogance. Merely preferring one game over another, even to the exclusion of others, does not translate into one having an exaggerated feeling of their own self importance

except for many of aoe2 only folks thats the attitude i observed over the years

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You could debate whether Flemish Revolution works or not but all the AoE 3 stuff that found its way into AoE 2 (Global queue, command queue, DLC civ stuff like Ratha with two fire modes) has been appreciated so far and imo it’s always good to combine the best of both worlds, no matter the game.

With Portuguese Civ Mod for the CD Version, there has been already a mod that brought a lot of AoE 3 flair into the game. Its dev also works on AoE 3’s Wars of Liberty and now also works for FE as well :slight_smile:


also the dev of napoleonic era among others