Suggestio: Adding a FAMING system

So, sometimes you get players who when allied don’t help or even attack you, or you have really good games with someone who u beat or get beaten by, my suggestion is, why not add a sysem in which you can add “+1 fame” to someone, that way (at least in unranked) we get to know who are nice players and who are not, now, you can only fame or defame ONCE a month, what do you think about the idea?

Bro, you can’t even blackmail people in this forum, you have to use old school
Do you think they will put it into the game?

Blackmail? I’m talking IN-GAME stuff

Seems like a system easily perverted into a popularity contest where people use friends to prop up their fame while downvoting that of everyone else’s. I know the AOE community is generally awesome but giving that much power to players seems like a bad idea. There is just no way to verify the integrity of the people giving the ratings.

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There is already a faming system :
if you have enjoyed to play with someone : try to be friend with him.
if someone had a very bad behaviour that deserves it : report him / ban him.

But you can ask about this feature : the matchmaking system should not make you play in the team of a player you banned …

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This is a game, not high school dance party. Just ban the guy you don’t like. We don’t need to know who is popular among players.


Popularity is meaningless in a game like this.

Better ask for 5 BANS for ranked games, that would be a feature that the majority would love.