[Suggestion] A Faster Way to Access Tech Tree

I think we all agree that while we know a lot about the game we always forgot about little things about the uniqueness of the civs. I have seen multiple pros checking tech trees all the time to check if they have access to a particular unit or tech.

Also, sometimes it’s very hard to find certain buildings in the tech tree while it is in front of you all the time.

So, I am suggesting adding another drop down menu as shown in the below image. Selecting any building from that drop down will quickly take you to that building in the tech tree while highlighting it in the tech tree (like yellow in the below picture).

I am no UI expert so it is totally on them (devs) how the UI looks but this “Quick Link” feature to buildings can ease a lot of trouble looking for certain buildings while keeping everything else the same.

Note: This does not take anything away from how we used to use the tech tree. It is just adding another feature.

Below are the list of buildings that can be added as “Quick Links”:

Archery Range
Siege Workshop
Town Center
Mining Camp
Lumber Camp


They could be triggerd by the GoTo hotkeys.


It might be best to add such quick links as tabs below the scrollbar. Easier to click on compared to dropdown options.


This is very smart. Good call. Open tech tree, press archery range hotkey, takes you to all range techs.

Sooooo intuitive.

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This is a great idea.

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This was my real idea but I was too lazy to photoshop all of it. :smiley:

My main concern was to raise the concern for the need of “Quick Links”.

Also as @PacificWheel208 said Go-To hotkeys with these quick links would be amazing.

Ps: Old request from a lot of people to open the tech tree with the civ you’re currently playing, also seeing only the civs that the in-game players have. While giving the access to check all the civs as side option would be better. A player should only have information that is actually required and the information should be accessible fast.

We do not want to see 35 civs in drop down menu while in-game.