[Suggestion] a REAL Lan mode

As of now, multiplayer via Lan is bound to the servers which means if you play the game in offline mode, you can’t access multiplayer and hence can’t play in an offline network with friends.
I hope that one day you’ll add the option for Lan play without being dependend on servers.

(Same applies to AoE 1 DE and its Lan mode)


I would love this too, especially as at the weekend my friends and are I having a LAN party, and at this exact moment the last server update seems to have totally broken multiplayer! At least if the updates break the servers you could still play LAN!


They removed that from hd edition, also when i wish they would add it to De, i doubt this will happen because like this the game will be easily to share without purchased.
This way how it’s now they bound it to the steak account and to the servers of Microsoft, so they can decide how long the game is alive, later when the servers shut down, good night.

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It would be such a fundamental change for the game.
Because this would add the function to host a game server by an individual.

With that, Definitive Edition could be integrated in Voobly or GameRanger.

Because at the moment there is not way to call the game app in order to create a lobby.
The function to call the game app in order to connect to a given lobby exists, the call is used on aoe2.net on the join lobby button.

Actually they way it was implemented in AoE2:HD was fine for most people.
When you created a lobby only with people in your lokal network you would do a quick online handshake once you start the game but the main data traffic was within the local network.

This meant you could play with 8 people who share one slow internet connection and the game would still run great.

Now one year ago I tried to play DE together with 3 friends sharing one internet connection and it was a complete lagfest :confused:

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Did you actually do a LAN game? When you host the game pick ‘use local lan server’ as the server. You need internet to setup and join the game, but I believe everything after that is run locally. This would be very similar to how HD worked, with the exception being one of the computers would run a server that relays the commands instead of being p2p as in hd.