[Suggestion] A Way to Play AOE2 Campaigns Cooperatively

I think it’d would be really fun to be able to play the campaigns cooperatively with friends. We would control the main player civ and be able to both control the same units. I think it would be fun because it’s more interesting than just against the computers on a skirmish and it’s not as stressful playing against real players.


I have seen some games take this approach with multiple players controlling the same civilization. That is certainly one way to handle it. Unfortunately I haven’t played enough of this type of game mode to have an informed opinion on whether it works well or not in practice.

Age Online, while not the most popular or successful game in the franchise, did co-op campaigns well. Before you began playing a scenario you clicked the co-op toggle and then the game searched for other players looking to play that same scenario. When the game started you and your teammate were separate players on the same team against the AI. Most campaign maps were created to allow for either single player or co-op play which helped new players in particular to overcome a specific campaign which was difficult for them. Rewards from the campaign were split evenly.

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I think you can sort of do it.

But not directly.

You need to make a game and add the campaign scenario file (a copy of it in scenarios folder) as the scenario

And you can pick the civs

Do you know that by laddering and playing against other humans you get your ELO adjusted right? so after playing some games you will be teaming with and against similar skill level humans, so I dont understand, where is the stress there?

Cheese, Offensive GG, straight up outplayed by a smurf account, competing neck to neck for some critical areas during a game etc. all adds to a more stressful experience.

this is pretty much the type of co-op play i want. 2 players, each with their own base and units vs the ai.