Suggestion about a civilization

Over the years we have played aoe2 with its version, and experienced many new civilizations.
I have a suggestion about another civ if aoe2 team can consider it,
The civilization is “Vandals”


Thanks for your hard work :smiley:


Yes, although they already seem OP based on the civ bonuses you’ve described, I think that they should furthermore get:
-free arson
-the ability to “break into” (garrison in) enemy houses, steal food and smash vases.
-all units have a special command that allows them to deface an enemy building with painted text of your choice
-their Imp UT, “Vandalism,” automatically destroys all enemy buildings when researched.


Vandals: get added
Belisarius: Hey Justin, wanna restore the Roman Empire?

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That would be broken and unfair.

Not a bad idea but what the UU should be?
I guess it would represent both of Vandals and Alans, so may be an infantry civ with a cavalry UU or good stable units.

However, I will hope there would not only Vandals but also Romans (Western, not Byzantine) could be introduced together.

Good bonus. It will be powerful in Dark age rush. Maybe be a team bonus?

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My post was dripping with flippancy.

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