Suggestion about Seljuks

I really don’t know much about other things but I have a suggestion for the special trait of the Turks (if they are to be added).

Anatolia had many nomadic Turk tribes in it as depicted in a very famous historical Turk drama series “Dirilis Ertugrul”. I think it would be a fun mechanic if they could team up with one of them in game. They would act much like the dynasty system of the Chinese. (May be one in each age). Now there were a large number of them but I am only mentioning three of them which were showed in the drama and had a major role in it.

  1. The Qayi tribe.
  2. The Chavdar tribe.
  3. The Umrulu tribe.

(Note: I am not much sure about spellings , if anyone can correct me I would be thankful)

How this will happen? Well…You secure a large piece of land where the tribes can settle down and then you permit one of them to join you, in return they provide you with different bonuses.

If it sounds acceptable then i can also tell a bit about the bonuses of the above three tribes. So what do you say?