Suggestion: add a way to change the color mood of specific locations

For example in my real world map, i’d like for it to have the winter effect when a player looks at the snowy mountains in china

But have the desert effect when a player looks at the desert

Is it possible in this engine?

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Im not to smart on this what is the difference?

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This is a screenshot taken without winter color mood

Now this is one using it

This is how it looks with the autumn effect

Now this is one without it.


I think i get it. On the same map when you scroll of a certain area you want the colors to be cooler or warmer depending on the terrain, or os it the light fog effect in the snow and the darker shades in the desert?

I’d like for players screen mood to change depending on the area they are scrolling in, so if the camera is focused on the snowy part, it should have the winter effect