[Suggestion] Add achievements with November and later updates

So I think that future updates should try to include new steam achievements, especially for the campaigns. I love the campaigns and I think the achievements gave a bit more incentive for players to play them in a more challenging way. A lot of great content has been produced of streamers trying to get the achievements and the aoe2 forums go nuts for new strategies.

So, possible new achievements:

  • pacifist achievements: do the T-West approach and avoid killing enemy units.
  • vegan achievement: win a scenario without killing horses, elephants, boars, livestock
  • beat Bayinnaung 1 without loosing a hero.
  • an achievement related to the Tariq ibn Ziyad, Sforza and Bari campaigns.
  • actually using the mines of Mutapa in Francisco de Almeida 3
  • Beating the York scenario a particular way (for example winning through relics o defeating the southern most enemies)
  • Defeat count Berenguer in El Cid 5
  • Collect all the relics on the map in Pachacuti 5

And I would also like to note some of the achievements proposed by reddit user u/Masteradi https://www.reddit.com/r/aoe2/comments/b5oxxf/aoe2_achievements_ideas/

Great game and GG!


Who really cares about achievements? Even the most basic achievements that just requires you to play the play arent be done for most players. For some reason the most common achievement is ‘Out or their element’ followed by ‘It’s a Treb!’. Those are the only two achievements done at least 50% of the users. I feel like there isnt a large community that play for the achievements.

On the other side: Achievements could be nice for some players. I also think you cant really be against more achievements. So in the end i would care much.

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