Suggestion: Add Battle Royale, Empire Wars and unranked Quickmatch to AOE3

Recently AOE2 DE received that new settings by the new update which is a clearly good option, but in AOE3 it can be attractive as well, and can change a bit the game’s preception.


AOE2 had lots of game modes, king of the hill, wonder, regicide, (premade) fortress, and also lots of weird loooking maps.

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Just make Scenario working well, would be excellent to start ! :slight_smile:

I want to play collo, cree collo, risk etc… when I want to chill, those were played a lot on legacy.


unranked quicksearch is a terrible idea. only implement it if you want ELO and rankings to no longer mean anything and if you want to increase the queue times for everyone, since this would split queuers into two smaller groups

Empire Wars is now a thing (unofficially anyway)! Check it out here!

It’s part of my custom map pack which you can subscribe to in game. Here is my maps thread on this forum.


Looks great!
Only if the game doesn’t request the restart to work

I think Battle Royale will suit AoE 3 DE more with the boom boom cannons and all.

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At least you don’t have to unsubscribe and resubscribe constantly. Pretty sure we can handle restarting occasionally.