[Suggestion] Add Option to remove villager build button

I noticed that Age of Empires I DE has an option to remove the villager build button. I was wondering if the devs could add that option as well to Age of Empires II DE. It’s not necessary to use two keys to build something. For example building a market is B+M. Removing the build button would require only M to build a market. Thanks


i’m not sure if i understand what do you want but in aoe2 if you want to make for exemple a mill which is economic building you can by going into military building then your hotkey for mill. so just remove economic or military building hotkey and use only one it’s works.

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In Age of Mythology you don’t have to click a build button at all. Just click on the hotkey and the villager will build whatever you want.


I edited my post to add an example.

The benefit of how it is now is that you can have the same key for two different buildings. Having removed the build buttons, you’d have to move your hand more as almost twice the amount of keys are required when two buildings can’t have the same key anymore

But I don’t see the harm if it is an optional feature and not a mandatory one (cough like chat filter cough)


Repair button a little bit useless but how about garrisoning villagers?

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In aoe 3 de there are so many building but they are one in one panel. This causes the need of a huge range of the keyboard and its quite bothersome liken when you need to use second row sixt building to press the right keyboard button.

It would be so much better of it was like in aoe 2 with econo and military subdivision.

I feel the same as you, it’s a pain in the ass to always press two keys to build something, especially for something like houses and farms, you need to build a lot of those. Not sure why they don’t provide such an option as AOE 1 DE.

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It can be as an option for those who play only RoR, and I’m in favor.

For the rest, it’s almost not recommend, because the buildings in aoe2 are as many as the keyboard letters; and you still have to use some of the letters, like R for repair, because you have to be able to repair using the left mouse click (in areas crowded with units for example).

And not recommend because the two buildings’ pages are not isolated from each other regarding the hotkey “response”, if I describe it well enough.