{Suggestion} Add Ranked FFA matchmaking

Hello great community.

Many people enjoy competitive play in AoE with Random map setting.

Why not add to Ranked option - FFA - Free for all game where players play against each other until last man standing.
These will be the rules.

  1. My suggestion is to make FFA for 8 players and second option would be for 4 or 6 players
  2. FFA would have map pool like other ranked options consisting of 9 maps and 1 ban allowed.
  3. Rank calculating rules need to consider not just map winner, but also other places. This would be based on order which players resign or are defeated. So if you end up 2nd or 3rd, you still can get rank up, but with lower +points.
  4. Diplomacy - Depends on majority of community if you like playing with diplo on, or locked teams ?

I created a poll so you can vote your opinion :slight_smile:

  • 1 - I agree with adding FFA to ranked play
  • 1 - Don´t add FFA to ranked
  • 2 - Diplomacy should be available
  • 2 - Diplomacy - locked teams
  • 3 - Rank up only for winner
  • 3 - Rank calculated based on order of players defeats.
  • 4 - Make FFA for 8 players only
  • 4 - FFA for 8 and 6 players
  • 4 - FFA for 8 and 4 players
  • 4 - FFA for other number of players

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Personally, I only play FFA in RTS games because I can’t really stand the pressure of 1v1 but still want to play alone and not be a burden for teammates.
Not having ranked FFA prevents me from playing AOE period.

Because FFA is not a competitive setting. Lobbies are perfectly fine for that

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Because you’re physically unable to play in the unranked lobbies? Okayyyyyyy

But if someone and there premates que up at the same time they will surely land on the same map and win every time as they first team up against other players and then fight it out amongst themselves :smile:

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i think if its implemented it only should be soloqueue since premade ignoring eatchother or team in ffa makes the game unfair and not enjoyable

Yes, of course.
But if all teammates have similar Elo and click “find match” at the same time they will likely still end up on the same map.

I like this idea. But don’t think many people would play.

I like to complete change the ranking system into league system like silver league, gold league, platin league and so on. Local ranking system where you can see your ranking against your enemy in the same elo level would be nice.

I think the number of players is to small to justify their own ladder. So no need to have this in ranked queue. Lobby is meant for this kind of game modes.