[suggestion] adding more land-based animals

OK, so, HUNTING DOGS as NEW controllable units, that is. I like the idea.

  • Having hunters gather the food, and dogs doing the “risky” part, or both working at the same time (dogs need to be faster than villagers, though).
  • Also, dogs should obviously not just kill animals like any other unit, but act the same as hunters, that allow the food to be gathered, instead of it being lost.

Mid-to-big sized dogs for hunting candidates:

  • Smaller dogs could use the “hit n run” strategy to distract and inflict damage at the same time, while villagers attempt to attack their prey.
  • Bigger dogs could attack unceasingly while human hunters throw spears at their preys.

Cretan Hund (Greeks)

Greek Molosser

Greek Shepherd

Cane Corso (Romans)

Pharaoh Hound (Egyptians)

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The dogs could be hunting units capable of kill animals, and bring their carcasses closer to a Mill or Town Center, for exemple. But, the bigger the animal, like a boar, more dogs would be necessary to move the carcass!

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I like the idea! Wouldn’t it be kinda weird, though? I can’t picture it very well in my mind :sweat_smile:

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I have thought about something better now: the dog could be able to immobilise their pray at it’s place, while damaging it, so a deer couldn’t be able to escape, for example!


Yes! Or could at least diminish their movement speeds! Nice to think about these ideas, actually! :smiley:


It is fun coming up with stuff like this. :smiley:


I can see rhinos, giraffes and camels being added without issues. They would all look nice in every map IMO. May be unlikely with just the regular updates, but I’m hoping for expansions/DLC to arrive eventually :blush: (we can dream!)


What I meant by this is it would be awesome if hippos could have the ability to walk, as well as be able to swim in shallow waters :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :heart:
Don’t know if that’s really possible, though, since there are no units like that (other than the Flying Dutchman, yet the hippo should have different animations for movement on land and while underwater).

This is a place to discuss, so I like thinking freely, without taking into consideration this game did not ever receive new units since Rise of Rome :slightly_frowning_face: