[Suggestion] Allow players choice of civs to NOT include in random civ picker

Most of the time I use “random” or “full random” when I am bored of playing the handful of civs which are very very strong and just want to play a civ for variety and fun not competitiveness. However, it’s very annoying when I get civs I’ve already played alot come up as my civ when I choose either of the “random” options in the lobby.

I believe that “random” only picks civs which have not already been picked yet by one of the other players in the game you join, so having the option to choose a pool of civs from which random will select would be very useful.

Edit: I mean a new third random civ option, NOT a replacement for random or full random.

Random includes every civ avaliable, even the ones you don’t like. That should not be changed - especially not for the new random feature in ranked.

I’m not against a new civ pick option, which includes what you suggested though. I’d like that.

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Yes, that’s what I meant, a third random civ option, not a replacement for the current options.

I would like a regional civ option. Let’s say we are playing on a certain map (like real world) and I want something historical but don’t wanna pick. Boom.

Probably would have to base it on architecture set.

I remember AOM. You could, for example, set to get a random god only from the Greek pool.
Using architecture sets sounds like a good idea — the only problem is dealing with indians, which is the only civ to be part of south asian architecture.

I believe “select all civs you want to be part of third random option” is the better solution, pleasing everyone. Is not hard to implement in the back end, but the design work could take some time. Being a generic DeVeLOpER myself, i would bet 2-3 weeks to develop, only 1 week if the team is inspired.

Random is random, if you dont want the uncertainity pick a civ.