Suggestion: An Alternative to Ranked Queue

Pretty simple :slight_smile: It was like this on Voobly. It was like this on HD. You make your own game room to your setting’s liking, there’s a small criteria of needing to be balanced to be considered ranked (like on HD, the teams could not be lopsided, no 2v3s), and you can play whatever map you want.
I’m not exactly a good Arena player, but I have friends who are and heavily invested in the scene. I’d personally like to see more pro ranked Arena but it’s like a a slim chance of lucking out and getting it in the queue.

What to do with the queue though?
Simple: Keep it!
Just add a ranked lobby as a separate tab. The queue is just fine, but an independent ranked lobby addresses literally every criticism about the queue. Maybe have a separate elo tag for ranked lobby and ranked via queue to give an idea if theyre an arabia/arena only player or any time any where player that the queue helps develop.


The wont do such que unless this gmae goes mainstream. If you create separate ranked Que you will increase normal ranked Que waiting times.

Right now only way to make rankeds better is to improve generation of map pools.

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I think this idea is bad. I already explained why in other threads, for example:

That’s more a reflection on the average person’s preference on their gameplay

Then you should have no issue saving the time and quoting your response from that thread instead of just linking the thread

The competitive community was built on over a decade of this model, it isn’t bad

Does it really? How does it ensure balanced matches? What stops players from facing off against lower elos? How is this any more attractive from the current lobbies? Just the fact that it affects your elo?

You can’t generate players out of nothing. Long queue times will get worse for the higher elo players and the more casual(lower elo) ranked players wlll carry on with the random pool.

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You can see the full discussion in that thread. Do you really ask me to just quote every post in that thread so you can read the discussion?! Just open the thread and read it. I wont gonna quote all post.

I wont even surprised if the staff decides to just merges this thread into that other thread, because it is really the same discussion. It is all about having a ranked lobby.

I never call the old system bad, but it has its drawbacks. Those were adressed with the new model. I wont claim the new model is perfect, but at least it is much better. Going back to a inferior model is bad.

Or simply let players ban whatever maps they want. If they want only one map, so be it.

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Infinite bans or at least more for multiplayer would be good.

Yeah lets all pretend that MM doesn’t put players with 600 elo difference in 1x1 or with 1k in TG, those unfair situations happen all the time, specially for pro players they don’t find too many players on their level so the MM will put them vs 1500 after min 6, so you tell me that if this MM system has prevented noob bashing or that it hasn’t inflated the elo of the players, see the clownish TG elo around 3k.

Honestly a ranked lobby might kill MM, but might keep the game alive, i am 200% sure this month had less 1x1 games played than the 2 next previous month, due the awful maps, even if they get good maps the next patch the same issue will happen over and over again on this current system.

We need an opt in MM system (no bans), if needed elo can still be calculated on open, closed and hybrid ladders to please those who are concerned about elo being too spread out.

That along with a fully featured ranked lobby for all maps outside of the MM system.