Suggestion: Append achievements to recorded game file

Hi, it would be helpful to recorded game analyzer programs if the end-of-match achievements (now called Statistics) were appended to the recorded game file, including:

  • military/economy/technology/society/total score breakdowns
  • age up times
  • MVP
  • match duration

Supplying this information means the analyzer programs can display summary information about the match. Userpatch has this feature.


For any developer reading this: The structure Userpatch appends to the recorded game is the same data that DirectPlay would have sent to the lobby application in the original version.


Indeed this would be a valuable addition, catching up with what is possible with Userpatch for previous AoE2 versions. Currently the only way to observe and study your end-of-match stats in DE is replaying each match in its entirety like a Dark Age caveman. :cry:

bump! This is a much needed feature for folks doing their own stat tricks!

I would like to add my support to this feature! Would be great to have.

Seems like almost the same as my own suggestion. It would be nice if you dont need some tool, but if there is ingame feature too.

This would still be very useful!