Suggestion: Attack Priority Stances

More of a brainstorming idea that came to me after reading the post on changing the order that Bombard Cannons aggro targets. Feel free to chime in with thoughts on this.

Unit Attack Stance: Units will always prioritize any enemy units when attacking. Units on Unit Attack Stance will never attack buildings when on Patrol.

Building Attack Stance: Units will always prioritize any enemy buildings when attacking, unless attacked by a unit within their attack range.

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I think it’d be way, way easier to just dig into the bombard cannon priority orders and copy-paste the information from the Ram line than it would be to create a new stance. Because that’s all Bombard cannons need. Hit Trebs, hit other rams, hit buildings, hit the other things when I specifically tell them to. I’m not certain, but I believe trebs already have this exact behavior and why Bombard cannons don’t is just plainly a mystery to me.

That would be a nice feature to include (it’s just the same thing for the rams but for others units). It’s horrible to have your cannons go trigger-happy on troops or your archers doing a death-by-thousand-cuts on buildings instead of the enemies 2 meters away.

I’ve suggested something similar before. Unfortunaly some people understood it as “auto search an raid and kill villagers with one click”. You have wrote it better so I hope this feature is considered.