[Suggestion] Balance man at arms in feudal age

regarding man at arms in feudal age
4 civs can deal with them either by making maa them selfs (HRE & English) or early knights (french & rus)
what about the other civs, how are they supposed to counter a maa rush?
my suggestion is allowing them to have early crossbow man for balance
it would also help with the current french knight spam meta
i know some may say just rush castle but it hard in 1v1s quick match

why cant we choose our own colors like other aoe games?

100 balance otw maybe something will happen regarding maa in feudal. Currently the british maa in feudal is only has plus 2/2 armor which is low enough for horsemen to be comparable.

2/2 in dark age but can be upgraded to 3/3 in feudal age i believe

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I think a much simpler solution is to give horsemen +5 attack vs infantry on their charge attack.

Yeah, a buffed charge for horsemen is good so that they can harass MAA with charges but not win if they stick around.

Also maybe give them a % chance of dodging arrows, so that they can deal better with archers etc. They die too easily right now.
Archers, ships, towers, all of the things that shoot arrows… Can also adjust the cost to balance.

They should get wrecked by spearmen.

maybe amend that to heavy melee infantry, dont forget even xbows are infantry in aoe4

and i really dont think horsemen should be getting a bonus v spears…

If all civilizations have crossbowmen, then the early MMA and early knights will lose their meaning. This will only advance the main time of engagement from the castle era to the feudal era, rather than making the early days of some civilizations stronger, and some Civilization must be defended.

Even so, I myself hate that the MMA fast attack is better than the early knight fast attack.The latter can still be blocked by spearmen, but for the former, there are few feudal units that can stop it, and I can only upgrade to the castle age as soon as possible.

I agree that Horseman can be enhanced, perhaps by adding other technologies to enhance additional combat power, without making it too strong. They should have better vision and speed and attack power against archers than Knight to increase the player’s use of them. Probability.