[Suggestion] Block people ingame

Currently you can only block the chat of someone. That doesnt make much sense. if i wanna block some one it is because i dont wanna play him again for some reason. So it would be nice if you can block the user. For example if think the enemy is cheating so you wont wanna play him again.

I dont think having no maximum is a good idea. So i would say you can have at most 20 people blocked. If you join match making, than you cant get him as ally / opponent if he is on your list.

I dont know how blocking would work for lobby (is there already such thing?). I would say if you block someone, you cant join the same room.

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Block people? Report them instead if theres something to report and they will get banned.

Imagine I reach #1 in the 1vs1 ladder and block nine guys just behind me.


Lets give another situation: You played someone multiple times and he constantly dropped for what ever reason. I could be the game is just bugged (see bug reports). So i dont wanna play him again, becuase the game end early with a drop. I dont think the enemy needs to be banned.

Another case: You won a game and an enemy is such retarded he hides his last vills in corners. Just to waste time. I dont like playing such people. So i would block the player. I dont think it will be a reason to ban someone.

I really dont think the top will block other top players. Before DE they played at Voobly. You can block players at Vooobly. What you said was no issue at all at Voobly. So i am not worried about the #1 blocking all other top players.

Its a known issue at pro level that some dont wanna play other some.

I just wanted to mention with my argument that being able to block players is very risky power and players should not get access to it. Like when you go to a court and a judge, usually applying justice on your own is bad idea.

I have heard much rumors about pros who dont wanna play each other. I could be wrong…

You know i added a maximum, unlimited blocks doesnt seems right. I fully agree.

I think it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be blocking the top 9 anytime soon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In any case, this is a feature that really should be added. FE cannot possibly expect to respond to player reporting quickly. It should be limited, like it was on Voobly, but if I hear someone spouting racist or otherwise derogatory remarks, I don’t want to play with them. I aim to play games with humans, not whatever they are.

Remember that the point of the game is really to have fun. You shouldn’t have to play with people you don’t want to play with, provided you aren’t playing for a reason beyond fun.

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Any progress on this? It’s a reasonable request. As a viewer, it’s not enjoyable to see people dodging Modri or Hoang for hours at night. They alt+f4, and lose viewers. As a player, a few blocks would prevent a lot of games loading then alt-f4 because it’s a known jerk who will just wall and boom, has a terribly unstable internet connection, mangonels ally TCs, I could go on… If you had 10 block slots, it could dramatically cut the number of games that start after a 10 min queue then get alt-f4’d.