[Suggestion]Buffs and Ideas for Old Civs

Funny how you spent almost an hour to try to refute easy upgrades, in favor of “new things” that would be much harder to remember. In the civs tech tree, Franks IE, right after “Cavalry civilization” you would see “cavalry units move 2% faster and attack 2%faster”. It’s much easies than reducing their bonus on other things. If you change their forage bonus IE, you would have franks faring much differently than now on different maps. The way I suggested keeps Franks and every other civ playing exactly as expected, but faring better. While being much easier than changing/adding different bonuses for each civ.

Yes, so we reduce civ wins and make every civ viable.
“Why units?” or “Why this way?”
Simply because it’s the same thing for every civ, only with a twist to the amount.

You need to keep the game the same only changing the result.

Answers like that are pointless, since I’ve already said, you needed be make it more than 5%, make it 20% if needed be.
If devs feel like no good civ should get the bonus, like franks, Incas and such, so be it, but it would be a lot easier to remember if every civ had it, only on different amounts.

Again, the point is not to make a terrible civ the best… it’s to make them less of a terrible civ.
If it’s 5 archers can’t stand a chance now, with it’s bonus they still won’t have a chance, but the attacker will be weaker. Hopefully, depending on the %, enough to raise their survival.

Just stop replying, you clearly don’t get the point and it feels like discussing math with a pigeon.
Make your own comments and suggentions about YOUR topics, I never wanted to be a teacher because of people like you.

Welp, I wasted much more than one hour on this thread already 11

But why? Franks are good enough as they are, so no buff would be needed.

You know what is even easier? Not touching civs that are fine.

You said that

So plz explain me which unit needs a buff for say, Franks or Mongols.

??? I mean how? Unless there is some secret ultimate technic that will reveal the true power of Goths/Vietnamese ect… I don’t see how you can change things without changing the game

Cav archers are a castle age unit for a good reason

Seriously? Adding 35 different values in the game will makes things “easier”? I think event SotL would have trouble answering questions like “who is faster between Shotels and Karambits” without looking on the wiki, so 35 more values that would scramble everything…

And in this case, you attempt that by not addressing the Viet’s main issue which is eco. The speed boost alone would either be useless or OP.

Btw the Rattan archer are already a faster than average archer already, and yet they aren’t any better vs cav/Huskarls than crossbows.


I clearly see that these are pretty poor and unoriginal changes that require 0 effort.

Good advice for you: people might get angry at you over this. I myself find it more funny than anything else but unfortunately not everyone will react that way.

Dude, you’re the one throwing numbers around without even thinking of the consequences (remember how Obsidian arrows on feudal archers made Saracen OP? Plumes on Vietnamese in feudal will be worse) You also somehow manage to believe that giving the same bonus to all civs and just tweaking a number will result in this:

No, it’s just boring. And then again, even pros can’t remember everything .For instance, do you know what is the cost of Artillery (without cheating of course)? Hera had to pause the game to check it. So if the 2nd best player can’t remember everything right now I don’t dare to imagine how difficult it will be for new players, as if tech tree + current bonuses weren’t a big enough already mass of information.

Why is this thread still alive?


Instead of taking away atheism just let people play more standard games. That way Byzantines will be viable for wonder defence and Huns will be great for giving more time to react. And maybe allow wonder to be built in private like only when the wonder has been completed does the opponent know it’s done and then having atheism will be a huge buff.

I have not a single clue.

Anyway Huns have always been balanced around having a bad UT 11. And it’s still useful in the last Attila scenario at least.

I think this is quite reasonable for suggestion for atheism without being OP at all.

:rofl::sob: until to now frank still Op civil. Bonus more it will become supper man ,

  • I agree china need add 1 vill and +50w or + 50f + 50 w for they. They get ram :crazy_face:, it op dont need canon :grin::grin:
  • celt + 10% faster better but wild roar will too fast.
  • mongol dont need armor make they strong enough, :crazy_face: give they armor they destroy everything no no
    *indian ok but tanks archer is real need view carefully
  • hun op 11 tarkan high piece armor, + damage to building, and remember they dont need house while ca cheap. Get paladin :crazy_face::no_mouth:, ram
  • incas remember they get house 1= 2. And village get armor of infantry
  • and something supper op for team bonus :no_mouth: