[SUGGESTION] Bulgarians, castle + krepost same control group

Select a krepost SHIFT select a castle, create control group, use konnik hotkey or whatever (treb, conscription, etc.) and make it work.

As for now is not possible (one overrides the other) but I wonder if developers could implement this one, thank you and keep going, good work!


yeah would be great if they could

It might be hardcoded, like Goth Huskarls being a different unit, depending if they come from the Castle or the Barracks.

I have not tried it with Tarkans, but might have the same issue.

Is this still a thing?

I thought DE fixed this.

I believe it has not been fixed. The wiki still says it has not. To be honest, I do not train Huskarls from the Castle, so I could not tell you from experience.

What you want is to automate the game… It will become more stupid and easier…
If you not need to make you economy, the game become 1/2 more stupid.
If you not need to chose how to attack your military units, and they are auto- created, the game become with another 1/2 more stupid.

If you want that, you may play Single-player games, and put the computer to play in stead of you.

There are Hotkeys for everything… The better you play, the faster you will use these shortcuts.
The best players are very fast.

No, this is fixed in DE

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I dont think you understood what I was asking for. There is no auto there!


I think you misunderstood OP.