Suggestion: Clicking a unit portrait should show the tech tree for that unit

Even though I’ve been playing for a long time with many different civilizations, I can’t necessarily remember a specific unit’s strengths and weaknesses.

What I find myself doing over and over is opening the tech tree in-game, selecting the opponent’s civilization, scrolling all the way to the Castle section, and look at what their special units are strong/weak towards.

This is quite tedious.

Here’s a suggestion. When I select a single unit and click that unit’s portrait, it should jump to that unit in the tech tree (even if I select an enemy unit). That way, I can quickly get reminded what the given unit is strong/weak against.

Alternatively, allow me to more quickly scroll to an exact point in the tech tree (for instance, the castle region). It takes too long right now.


I agree that the tech tree is tedius to navigate, and I can see your idea of clicking on unit/building portraits to jump to the respective section of the tech tree work. However, 1) it would be important to ensure that accidental clicks on unit/building portraits do not unintentionally open the tech tree too easily, and 2) the suggested functionality does not improve tech tree navigation outside of ongoing matches.

Therefore, I would be more in favour of your alternative suggestion to make the tech tree easier to navigate in general. The best option, which I have seen suggested on these forums sometime before, is to make existent go-to or select-all hotkeys make the tech tree jump to that respective section. For instance, the go-to-Castle or select-all-Castles hotkey would make the tech tree jump to Castle techs. Another way of improving tech tree navigation would be to have the mousewheel scroll horizontally through the tree for faster lookups.


Hotkeys would also work for me, definitely. Thank you for backing this up!

As for misclicks though, I doubt you would misclick the portrait of a unit you’ve selected. And it would also help you jump to more common units like “archers” etc.

But yes, the scroll wheel is probably the easiest one to implement I suppose.

It’s baffling to me that this has not been done yet.

It would at least be nice with a response from the developers in terms of why they have decided not to implement it, if they have seen this suggestion before.

Who do we tag to get their attention?