[Suggestion] Combining game modes

How awesome would it be if you could play Regicide Deathmatch as an example.


Regicide King of the hill was quite popular format on userpatch diplo games for some times. Unfortuently de doesn’t support these.

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The best would be in my opinion if we could force a game mode inside a map script. Then we could have a regicide map and in the lobby we choose King of the hill and it combines or something like that.

I want a gamemode where it’s regicide, deathmatch, and you have a time limit to create the unit composition you want before all your ability to create more units goes poofy, but you can still create and repair buildings, walls, etc, like each team, or individual player if ffa and so on is blocked off from the enemy team until the end time limit and stuff

Yep that’s exactly how it was in userpatch. They were able to force regicide inside the map script itself, and choose king of the hill game mode.

That’s also how they made the sudden death gamemode on WololoKingdoms Userpatch too. It didn’t exist as an official option in the lobby, but you could integrate sudden death inside a map script (and they made special SD maps for arabia black forest etc…)

Userpatch had some special random map scripting features, that DE doesn’t have yet.

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