[Suggestion] Definitive Edition hotkeys for French (AZERTY) keyboard layout

Hi all,
Just for you to know, in France, also in Belgium, we are using keyboard with AZERTY layout, meaning that the A and Z keys are differently mapped. But also the “1-2-3…-0” keys, for instance we need to press “Shift” to write a figure (but not in Belgium)… so many different cases…
It will be very nice to care about that and purpose a conversion, because the remapping is requiring so much effort from the users.
Thank you for your consideration.


I am still looking for a solution for this ingame…

I have a french azerty keyboard, and the 1/2/3… keys work as expected (control groups) by default. I never needed to change those.

Although I have to admit, rebinding A and Z keys is a bit of a chore.