Suggestion: Detailed Timeline

Hi everybody,

mayby this idea was already mentioned anywhere else, but since it’s not in the game yet, I guess I atleast should mention it again:

I always loved the after game stastics and especially the timeline is a great look back on the recent game. But it only shows relative numbers of eco and military count. I would really love to have a mouseover effect, where you can point at any time of the timeline and it shows you the eco and military count of any fraction in a tooltip. Like this example:

Sorry for German version, but I hope the idea gets clear. What do you guys think of it?


All statistics at the end can be much more expanded. Based on 1999 release, these were great, but nowadays we expect to have more stats in general.

In this time line you can only see vills vs military. But what about more specific armies? Number of military is split in between infantry, cavarly, archers, siege, war ships, UU, … Villagers are splits between vills, trade cars, fishing ships, … Maybe even add things like their task at every stage.

Or add things like the idle TC time and idle villager time somewere in these statistics.

Lots of other great things to add as well.


You are right, more details would be even nicer. But if I had to wish for just one addition in statistics, then I would really appreciate the mouseover effect depictured above. Wouldn’t even require big changes, as these numbers are already gathered through out the game. Looks like a minor change for me with big quality of life outcome for the players.

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