Suggestion: DLC for all past event mods / profile icons

I’ve only bought all 3 AoE DE in July 2021, missing quite many interesting official event mods and profile icons. Most of the items are non-obtainable at the moment.

Proposed for the dev to consider having a DLC for players like me whom did not buy the game on day-1.


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Agree with you, I also missed some events
They just need to open again the old events

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That will be good if they can reopen the old events, however this may take some times as i believe there are other new contents in the pipeline.

Hence DLC may be a way for us to get those contents earlier :grinning:


Thanks for having the event for us to get back the 2020 event icons and mods! Hope we will get the 2021 first half event icons and mods soon


Yeah we’ll probably get them in the anniversary event next year

They also added most previously unlockable cheats, in the update itself. Just like the one before added “going above and beyond”.

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