Suggestion: Don't reveal what map is being played until Civs have already been chosen

I noticed people picking civs they think are the ‘best’ for the map type, Huns for Steppe, etc. Kind of like civ counter picking (which has wisely been disallowed by hiding civ of opponent), except now sort of like map counter picking.

It is more fun to just pick your civs without any knowledge of map type or opponents civ, and that is also the fairest for ranked, and avoids always facing certain civs on certain maps, which is a bit lame.


“It is more fun to just pick your civs without…”

To you it may be more fun. Sure. Make a mod for it. That’s how amazing new content has been created over the years.

Be the change you want.

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Be serious, both people would have to download the mod. You could make the same snarky comment about any proposed change to the game.

Of course, if most people like being able to see the map before picking the civ, then it shouldn’t be changed. But where is the evidence for that? I’d be surprised if people would want to not see the other person’s civ choice but see the map.

Come on, not everyone is a modder and not everyone has the means to promote their mods. This forum is for suggestions so it’s normal there are, well, suggestions.

I agree completely. Picking civs totally takes the element of surprise out of the equation.


Picking a civ based on the map type is a strategic decision that shouldn’t be taken away imo. It’s also an important part in some tournaments where players pick civ pools to choose from. However, I think it would be nice if going for a random civilization would be slightly encouraged.


All the civs now are dictated by map choice. It’s pretty bad. It was a lot more fun in Voobly and HD where everyone went random. I think they should get rid of civ selection. There’s no other way to do it on MatchMaking.


Hmm that is interesting, I like working on my strategies for a specific civilization, incorporating all of its special attributes and unique units, synergy, etc, thats mostly what is fun about the game for me. Not being able to select a civ would be terrible for me. For example I might spend 20 matches working on civ x strategies, then when I get good with civ x, I move on to civ y and do the same. That is where the fun of the game is for me, figuring out civ specific strategies. Hiding the map type can result in additional challenge, hmm ok how do I win with teutons vs mongols on steppe, can result in fun games which wont happen if people civ pic according to map.

Host your own random map.
This is a clear design decision by the devs.
They want people to pic civs for the map.
“It is more fun to just pick your civs without any knowledge of map type”
100% your personal preference.
Tournaments are played with the system of picking civ after map.
Clearly the devs want to make the game more competitive.
By giving people time to make a plan for the civ-map combo.

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What about not revealing the civ if the person randomed?
That would give people an incentive to play random civ:

I think the devs want to let people choose their civs with the map, like in tournaments, for more competitive play.

Some civ are very very very powerfull on certains maps compare to other (chineese and persians on nomad for example). If it was random, your win could be a result of the randomness.

I know that in the current state of the game, some civ are never picked and others are picked most of the time in specific map but every game has this kind of problems.

Don’t get me wrong: neither the actual functionnalities, neither your proposition are better or worse. It’s different.


Picking civs based on maps helps you strategize how you would want to play on the map and this is crucial if you want people to improve fast and get to a high level. I agree it takes away a certain level of randomness but there is also enough randomness in the map itself that your plan might not always follow through and thats where real skill comes. Civs might give you a level of economic and military strengths but its upto you to make the game favourable for you.

I think the opposite would be better. Reduce the civ pool – once the map is selected players can pick from a random pool of say 10 civs (the same pool for all players). Number can vary based on game size, say 4 for 1v1 and 10 for 4v4.

From an armchair, it seems like a solid test of skill, comparing a specific set of civs on a certain map on the fly.

As it is now, I almost always face the same Cav civs, and sometimes Britain. Very little civ variety, which is a bit boring, and I can’t help but think its because people are picking their civs according to knowing the map in advance.

That’s the purpose of this system, it’s working as intended.
It allows people to practice a build/civ over and over again so they get good.
Except for the map selection which does favor different builds…

You just want a different system.

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Stop being an ignorant his idea is good already