[Suggestion][Feature] Theater of War Mode

Hello guys, we are all very grateful that the Art of War tutorials have been expanded and given rewards such as medals. Kudos to Forgotten Empires Team!

This time however. we’ll go deeper or even wackier when playing scenarios in a separate mode so called the “Theater of War”. The Theater of War or alias “God of War” mode will have multiple different scenarios which some will truly test your limits while others are just for fun. This mode is for intermediate and expert players with its own rewards system like trophies, medals, banners and profile icons, etc.

Limit Scenarios include a personal best score, if possible for each civ. These are only single player scenarios mostly with timer;

  • Feudal Rush - Rush as quickly as possible to Feudal Age with your chosen civ.

  • Castle Rush - Similar to Fast Castle, run as quickly as possible to Castle Age without any tips or hints.

  • Imperial Rush - This time rush to Imperial Age with a random civ.

These are just few ideas for the single player, each month or every two weeks the devs can add something interactive and fun like a tower defense mode, fast walling, relic gathering etc.

P.S. One quick way to add more scenarios is for the community to vote for the upcoming scenario every two weeks or every month. Modders create their own scenarios then we vote but it’s up to the devs to have them officially added in the Theater of War mode.

Now going to the Weird/Wacky Scenarios, these are crazy scenarios for both single, co-op and even teams with their own leaderboards. Some of the scenarios to be found here inspired by Among the Hidden Youtube Channel are;

  • Age of Empires Tetris (Name Placeholder) - Basically a tetris mode scenario for AoE 2 DE (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_sSYYaWJ3k).

  • Age of Empires Mutation - This is somehow similar to the mutations found in Starcraft 2 Co-op Missions. Play a standard game with random events (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4iB5SoEpTY)

  • Age of Empires Fast Clicker - Measure how fast you click a certain unit when grouped. Basically same as Clicker Scenario in the Rise of Nations Extended Edition game. This is also useful to warm up your fingers and eyes before playing any multiplayer game.

Lastly, the “Conquest” mode inspired by “Conquer the World” in the Rise of Nations game. Conquest is an extremely advance series of interconnected scenarios wherein you start as your chosen civ in the Dark Age. For example, if you play as Japanese your starting location is Japan. (Spirit of the Law will be pleased)

Your mission is to unite distant empires, ally with friendly empires, and crushing those in your way until you rule the entire world. Each scenario occurs in a comparatively narrow historical period and it will take several scenarios to work through a single Age.

These are just a few ideas. I would like to know your suggestions and feedback. Hopefully we can have more ways to play our beloved Age of Empires 2 DE for a lifetime.


With the release of the Mongolian E3 Scenario, I’m hoping we can have another tab in the Main Menu separately for the event scenarios (perhaps below the Art of War) where we can have missions suggested above.

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