Suggestion for Atilla 6: Add civs from Italian peninsula for the enemy cities

Hi guys,

Just a thought that I had playing through the last Atilla mission with the new RoR update. I was surprised to see that Atilla 6 still had different civs which are far removed from the timeframe & geography of this mission (Teutons, Britons, Celts & Franks) & this made me wonder if it would be possible to change them to civs on the Italian peninsula (Italians & Sicilians)? Even though they are outside the timeframe, they can at least be relevant geographically. I also had the idea of swapping Aquileia to Portuguese, since they represent the town that became Venice & the Venetians are represented by the Portuguese in Sforza 4. Since Aquileia doesn’t have a castle, they won’t make their Organ Gun UU.


I propose something easier. Change the civ name of every player to “Roman”.

And change the name of the city of Rome to Rome
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I feel like I read the same things in the comment section of Ornlu’s newest video.

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They should replace all Italian cities in the campaign with Romans.


Nice idea, I would do:

  • Aquileia: byzantines (it was the city most linked with the east by sea)
  • Padua: romans (besides rome, you should fight a roman civ)
  • Milan: italians (not much to add here, of course they should lock gunpowder units, but GC would be a nice challenge)
  • Verona: goths (goths fought as foderati and allies, so they fits, besides, having a booming goth depth in the map can add a nice challenge)

That way you use mediterranean civs of that age, but you still have variety. You can also use the sicilians, maybe to replace to not use the romans again, but I would like to see the massed scorps.


What a coincidence, I am playing the campaign now and reached this mission. I was mainly curious about the new Roman civilization.

For gameplay balance, I would say to keep it as it is. Romans are a tough matchup in the later scenarios, as they mass Centurions and Legionaries, to which as Huns I found you can best answer with massed Paladins, some Halbs and a lot of siege rams and Trebuchets.

HCA and Hussars, the signature raiding army for Huns is too weak in post-imp, especially as you have to be very aggressive against heavily defended enemies. There is also not enough gold at some stages to hold your ground.

This seems good to me – definitely better to keep a variety than make everyone Romans. Maybe swap Padua and Milan so that Padua remains an archer civ? Genoese Crossbowmen feel horribly anachronistic here, but so much is anachronistic in this campaign that maybe it doesn’t matter.

If possible (I think it can be done with triggers now) give them all Roman-style castles, but different wonders – maybe even Arch of Constantine for one of the wonders, instead of the Italian one.


I wrote that same comment first, then thought it’d be a good idea to post it here too.

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On that Ornlu video, he explained that the reason they kept this was for diversity with the Wonders. And honestly, that makes sense. So I think keeping it the way it is is fine.