[SUGGESTION for Chat] Allow SHIFT + HOME key to select text in Chat window, so Copy/Cut/Paste will work

Edited the thread title and this post due to revelations discovered during thread replies.

We need the ability to use SHIFT + HOME key to select text in chat, so we can Copy (CTRL+C), Cut (CTRL+X), or Paste (CTRL+V) that text.

Ao2:HD allows for this, as does every other piece of software I’ve used for a long time (Microsoft Word, Notepad, this forum, AoE2:HD, e-mail programs, etc.). For me, it’s second-nature to use it.

Since it doesn’t work, it made me think I couldn’t copy/paste cheat codes. Thankfully, CTRL+A works to select all text as a workaround, as it allows Copy/Cut/Paste commands; but SHIFT+HOME doesn’t. Not everyone uses CTRL+A, or their mouse for that matter, to select text… so I feel this should be fixed.

As an aside, even the mouse selection feature is a little wonky, by the way:

  • If you left-click drag your mouse to select text, you have to be careful to keep the mouse within the boundary of the chat box, because if you go too far, it closes the box and unpauses the game. If you’ve typed a long string of text, you, essentially, cannot use the mouse to select all your text. AoE2:HD did not act this way; did not have this issue.
  • Also, if you type a long string of text that spans farther than the width of the chat box and try to select it with your mouse, the selection actually starts happening hundreds of pixels away from the mouse pointer’s tip; like there’s a weird offset happening. AoE2:HD didn’t do this either.

Note: I’m going against my better judgment by not classifying this as a bug for now :wink:

Hmm, I can do exactly that in DE.
I start William Wallace 7th scenario, open chat box, write “how do you turn this on”, select text with ctrl+a, copy text with ctrl+c, submit cheat with enter, open chat box, paste previously written text with ctrl+v, submit cheat with enter, etc.
No idea, why it isn’t working for you.

I should probably create autohotkey script to create each cobra car with one keypress though.

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Hmm, I will try again… maybe I messed up!

It also worked in multiplayer in beta when I desperately tried to outproduce my friend’s cobra cars :smiley:

I figured it out the issue! In my past tests, I had typed out the cheat code and then used SHIFT + HOME key to select all the text (which is what I often do in any program, so it’s sub-conscious and quick for me), and then tried to copy/paste from there. That doesn’t work in DE. If you do the above method to select the text in DE, it actually doesn’t let CTRL+C, V, or X work.

If you use CTRL+A to select the text, on the other hand, that works… just as you say. With that, I’m able to Copy/Cut/Paste. So, thank you for testing! Good idea on the auto-hotkey :slight_smile: Hmm, I have a keyboard with extra keys that lets me program some macros… I should put some cheats on them :smiley:

I guess I just assumed nothing works in DE chat (CTRL+C,V,X,A) because the text looks totally selected when you do SHIFT + HOME key… just as it should – and just like every other time I’ve ever used SHIFT + HOME in Microsoft Word, Notepad, AoE2:HD, or any other program. They all actually select the text and allow for Copy/Cut/Paste functions. Not sure why DE doesn’t? So, I didn’t think to try CTRL+A.

I guess I need to edit my suggestion to say, “Please make SHIFT + HOME actually select the text as it should, so we can use Copy/Cut/Paste commands after doing so.”

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