Suggestion for civs that lack certain unit types

I mean there is a lot of stuff being discussed here at the same time. I just want to say this:

Mercenaries should be predetermined by maps, instead of being random. So you get mercenaries from that are natives to the map that you are playing it.

So for example, if you are playing in a Indian territory (Deccan for instance), you should get Indian mercenaries, Arsonists and Jat Lancers (The greatest selection ever).

If you are playing on a French colony maps (Saguenay, for example) you should get French mercenaries at the tavern (Napoleon Guns and Fusiliers) and so forth.
Of course, more mercenaries needed to be added to this be possible.

And on a side note: Roger Rangers are. The. Actual. Nuts.
They are by far one the best church cards in the game.

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They’re not magically getting them, they’re paying a hefty upfront cost a shipment, times to get a shipment, then research time. When a Jeager shipment costs half as much time and money and just as effective. The thing would would make the church upgrade better is the future ability to train them.

Bot to mention british economy is more skewed towards food production not coin.

As for Halbs; I like halbs…halbs are good but they’re not necessary, they’re a ‘nice to have’. But they’re role in the army roster is already filled for the spanish.

26 Guard Skirmishers are much more effective than 10 Jaegars thought.

10 in age 3 is better than waiting till age 4 also 13 Jeagers in age 3
RR can’t be researched in fortress age as far as I know
And british have mercenary contractor.

British also have cherokees as shipments which don’t take up pop space…Just saying that if british want skirmishers they will get them…But it’s stupid lore-wise where are the GreenJackets to go with my Redcoats? Welsh longbows and not British baker rifles?

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As was discussed in the thread on mercenary, age 3 mercenary contractor is not viable for most civs that have him (except for treaty I guess).
If you have exiled prince that’s the choice most of the time.
If you don’t, like Brits, I’d still prefer resources, units or even the covered wagon, because that’s more flexible and pays off faster.

So in line with what many have suggested, both the mercenary contractor and the tavern should generally be made more viable.

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If you just look at the tech itself perhaps.
If you look at the additional card and xp investment that’s not worth the cost. Not to mention age 2 card slots are already very crowded. There is no intention to include that card in the first place, if the techs are not better.

so that brits can be yet another bland skirm goon civ, but additionally also having the best musks, huss, economy, longest ranged infantry, infinite rocket shipments, cherokee rifleman shipments, triple carded goons. no. they don’t need massable skirms. longbows are excellent units already. If any civ needs real skirms its russia, especially now with grens nerfed into oblivion even worse than on TAD

As for green jackets, they are in the Indian deck XD

Longbows have serious problems in that they cannot micro. And they waste a lot of time re-aiming targets, so their actual attack rate is much lower.

British musketeers and dragoons are still not good enough to make up for the lack of even a regular skirmisher (because they are simply regular units with better stats), especially in today’s standards, where Swedes get an omnipotent musketeer to compensate for skirmishers and dragoons.


With the 3rd feature coming to the mosque, 1 area attack can be added to the abuses in the 4th age. In this way 2 pop problems can be solved. The infantry in the Germans can increase their cavalry speed instead of increasing their speed.

Yes, and? Melee resist is not very useful in neither treaty nor the late game when every faction goes Goon + Skirm, plus you have the Genitours card for your Dragoons so you rarely need to go on melee. You’re right that the card is more useful in treaty because of Encomienda Manor (a hilariously named tech since the Portuguese never used that system of labor in their colonies), but that’s the only tech that is useful in treaty.

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I did not said that Roger’s Rangers are more accessible than the Jaegars. I said that they are more effective.
Even on age 4, the impact that 26 Guard Skirmishers does is much more significant than the 10 Jaegars on the age 3.
So yeah, they are indeed harder to get it. And it’s justifiable, as they have a much more meaningful impact on the game than the Jaegars.

And the 13 Jaegars card is almost never sent in, because if you have that much gold stacked you might as well just age up and send 3 rockets.
This is one of those cards that is so bad you even forget that exists :sweat_smile:


About the main point, i don´t know about that, maybe in some specific cases but mostly, personally, i like that some civs don´t have permanent access to some units like british for example, it just makes you use more musketeers wich works fine as well, and have grenadiers, different to some civs like french or spanish wich have all kinds of units, i honestly like it the way that is, but of course, that´s just my opinion…

Now, what i do agree 100% is the unique church techs thing, i always have think about that, they are cool it gives more personality to the civs with totally different speeds of units, or more hp, etc. i always though that techs was a great idea, but is kinda wasted because it´s not really viable, maaaybe a couple of them and in supremacy mostly, but i wish they were more usable and even in treaty, like if they would affect total values, i mean, the spanish one for example, that gives +25% hp for -15% speed, in treaty becomes like only 12% hp or less, so if it would affect total values would be great, and some are less viable, like the british, it would be fine the -25% speed if it were like +50% hp or something or maybe +40% but yes, you catch my point, i would love if they buff those techs…