Suggestion for Hotkey; Double press to rotate gate

This is a really minor thing and I don’t think it’d affect the way most players play but having the option to double press the gate creation key (either palisade or stone) to rotate would be a bit quicker and maybe more intuitive than scroll wheel, as well as leave the scroll wheel open for other keybinds.

Right now if you double press the house creation key it rotates it (or perhaps just loads a new model) so the idea would be the same.


Hi JohnSnoot, welcome to the forums!

Could you elaborate some more your suggestion? I’m having a hard time trying to picture it.

Additionally, you can already rebind the gate rotation hotkey, and the house doesn’t really rotate, since it occupies a 2x2 space on the grid.

So when you build a house the default hotkey is q, q
Pressing q again changes the model and makes it look like a rotation, ofc it doesn’t occupy anymore space but the model does change to show a different facade of the house.

So my suggestion for the gate rotation would be w, z to build a gate but then pressing z again would rotate.

The default hotkey for rotate works fine but I find the scroll wheel works better for idle villagers and I haven’t found a better bind for rotate gate that doesn’t use a combination of buttons. Likewise simply binding rotate to z or x right now would only allow you to rotate/create one type of gate.

I don’t know how beneficial it would be to most people but having the option would be nice.


Oh, I see now.

So, thing is you can’t accumulate two functions on the same hotkey like this, the game would simply understand that you’re reselecting the gate — the same as pressing the gate icon multiple times.

On top of that, having a single key to rotate the gate is potentially very unproductive. For example, you would only be able to rotate it clock-wise. If your desired position were one rotation frame to the counter clock-wise direction, you would have to make half rotation cycle everytime, and also the same if you happen to accidentally skip the desired frame. So ideally what you want is two different inputs for rotating gates.

My suggestion: rebind the zoom to be only at PgUp and PgDn keys, use the idle villager at normal scroll/Ctrl + scroll and the gate rotation at normal scroll/Ctrl + scroll.

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I have asked this for months.
First of all,i like scroll key to rotate gate,but its conflict with build key,and not fix yet.
Second,its only cost 3 times to try every shape of gate .Even fast than scroll. (W+ZZZ)
I did use Ctrl+scroll for now,but too slow to fast wall.
hope this come true someday.

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So agree besides scrolling isn t accurate you can easly miss scroll by going to much ahead.