Suggestion for in-game Wiki

There’s been an old similar topic about this Don't forget the encyclopedia!
Decided to make a new one now that the game is further along in development.

I’d like to see an in-game Wiki that will include all the stats and information of units, buildings, civs, techs, resources, formations, pretty much anything that will be in game and affect the gameplay, as well as basic strategy advices.
Not talking about step by step or how to win guides but general begginer-friendly information on the mechanics and required mindset of the game, even on widespread RTS terms, like on what a “rush”, a “turtle” or a “boom” refers too.

Imo players shouldn’t have to google an external source to find all the game’s info gathered up somewhere.
Also, such terms are basic knowledge to survive the multiplayer experience, and considering that the game is aiming at the revival of the genre, a well made wiki could help familiarize all the newcomers with the RTS culture and make it more accessible to everyone.

Many games even feature live pop-up advices with on/off option, not sure if that could work in this case but the devs could take it into account.
The game should be as much easily understandable and approachable as possible, without compromising the complexity that a modern rts should have. So an in-game Wiki sounds like a great solution to me.
An Encyclopedia with historical context as suggested on the other topic would be neat as a secondary feature as well.


same for aoe3 please