Suggestion for Indian Civilization

Indian Civilization was united in culture after Indus Valley collapse, the people of Indus Valley are actually Indian ancestors they share common roots, i.e Hinduism, it reflects the culture of Modern and Ancient Indians, and yes Aryans did come to India as central Asian migrants in between 2000BCE-1000BCE(4000-3000 Years ago)but that is a very old time, and most Modern countries today did not exist back then, Japanese or Koreans did not even arrive in Japan or Korea. The Aryan’s gave India it’s PIE language, i.e Sanskrit, but Aryans were not regarded as Invaders by South Indian Dravidians they were living happily, because they same culture, again Hinduism, and intermarriage was common back then.
Also India has been united multiple times in History, for example Mauryan Empire, or Gupta Empire, Chola Empire, or Harsha Empire(All Hindu and Buddhist) if you go more ancient, the Bharata, which is mentioned all over Mahabharata and Vedic Texts. Note: Mughal Empires and Delhi Sultanates or even British Empire, are not Indian empires, they were foreign invaders.
I suggest that in at least Age of Empires 4, Post Gupta empire and Pre-Delhi Sultanate culture should be shown as unified India, as they are Both Hindu and also India was most prosperous at that time period. Moghal or Delhi Sultanate should most definitely not shown, as they are simply not Indian empires.
Harsha Empire(648CE):


More Empires:
Maurya Empire:

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Chola Empire(1000 CE):


Gupta Empire(600 AD):

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Maratha Empire(1600CE):

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Very interesting, let’s everyone try now to push their country into the game :grin:

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Indian civilization has existed in all Version of Age of Empires(II and III), i am not pushing anything new but rectifying what is going to come.