Suggestion for Path Finding Improvement - add 0.1 range

Can anyone with Custom Scenario abilities test how the path finding of melee units improves, if they were to receive 0.1 or 0.2 range? I hope that it is possible to also set range to 1/10 steps and not only the speed or attack rate.
Idea is: add to melee units some minimal range to see if their path finding would improve. Current, a lot of - especially the fast one - melee units just stall and are frozen instead of engaging (huskarls, woodraiders, eagles etc.) To my eyes, ranged units (even kamayuk and steppe lancers) behave much more clever = efficient than zero range melee units.


This testing could be done with data mod. Anyone skilled enough in using Advanced Genie Editor?

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It’s not a very difficult thing to do. I’ll try to test it.


So, I think i won’t be able to test it, due to not having much spare time. On the other hand, I shared the idea on aoezone, where probably will get to either be tested or heard by the devs

I would be astonished if devs didn’t come up with this solution themselves.

For sure they took that into account while trying their best to find a solution to poor melee pathfinding… right?

The other thing which they could do is make a hidden hitbox of units bigger. Few hidden hitboxes - yes, I believe there’s few of them:

  1. There’s a visible hitbox that players use to select a specific unit.

  2. I believe the one mentioned above is used to determine if the projectile hit the target (e.g. arrows). But it might be as well the next one.

  3. The one that melee units use to determine if they can commence the assault on other units. So once 2 circular hidden hitboxes of these units touch each other they start attacking immediately. Usually they perform the attack (animation of attack and damage output) even if enemy unit starts running away. On DE however I noticed that it is not always the case.
    2020-06-03 20_16_26-Window 2020-06-03 20_16_29-Window 2020-06-03 20_16_53-Window

  4. There’s a hitbox that’s responsible for separating units from stacking onto each other and for sure this one is different from all mentioned. On DE it seems like it works different than on Voobly.

In my opinion, from perspective of developing the game all of these 4 hitboxes should be seperated (and the only one responsible for clicking the unit should be visible) in order to have the best control over how units behave.

Precisely adjusting sizes of different hitboxes would solve an issue of units not attacking each other despite standing next to each other.
Hitboxes responsible for stacking and melee range are the ones that require changing.

That’s how I imagine it works.
For sure they know the exact behaviour better than me. At least that’s what I assume.
I hope what I wrote here is an obvious thing to them.


This sounds like the better solution (better than my idea) to improve the current situation. If you just follow the videos of MikeEmpires, you can see constantly a large portion of melee units just stalling.

If you look at the video with the Kamayuk vs everything, they NEVER stall.

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I just had “the stall” happen to me when playing with Rattan Archers so it would not solve all problems. (at 15 seconds)

Maybe is about algorithm taking too much time which units to attack.
Ps: What is the name of the mod for defensive structures range?

It’s called age of mandala. I was actually targeting the monk that was converting my elephants but they decided that the treb is a better target and when I clicked the monk again they started to dance.

I did not notice a lot of stalling in elite berserkers video. There were couple of cases tough, like 2 left-most berserkers at 5:28:

So no data mod wizards in here, who could test this? :slightly_frowning_face:

No men 0.2 is huge rage, if bombard cannon has 0.5 of splash, imagine 0.2 even 0.1 in units