Suggestion for the option of random civs

As of right now we have the abiliy to choose either 1 civ or random which chooses 1 of all available civs

Can we have a new button which allows us to pre select the civs we want to play like putting any amount of the civs we want to play and having that button choose the civ randomly for us?

That would be cool to have, I would like to play random civs within my own pre-selected civs, but not the current random button there is, as there are civs I don’t enjoy playing


Yeah lol. If i click Random i dont want to play as the Aztecs or Japanese. Because i dont play them at all.

A pool of 4 civs in that “Personal Random” setting


Yeah sounds like a good suggestion for a Random Civ pool. Effectively a Playlist of the Civs you’d be happy randomly being assigned.


I think I’ve suggested the same thing on the AOMR forum. That would be great!

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