Suggestion - Foreach trigger type or condition in scenario editor

This is a fairly simple but I believe incredibly powerful suggestion for map makers, the idea is to introduce a loop type condition that allows you to repeat a series of effects once for each of a particular unit for a particular player in the game, for instance you would have the condition as ‘foreach’ and you might select tree and gaia as the type and player, then each following condition and effect would be repeated for each unit matching that description, it would be extra helpful if you could include a ‘this’ selector in each effect or condition that contains an [object] field where the object field simply has the particular unit that this iteration is for substituted as the argument at runtime. Once all that is done I believe it would be relatively simple to also add a limit field on the number of units to loop through for the sake of performance.

I understand most likely nothing will come of this and we will need to continue meticulously copying a number of triggers 8 or more times but itd be really handy and from what I know though I may be wrong fairly simple to implement.

Either way have a fantastic day!


This is a good suggestion! I think you will have more chances of engaging people on a discussion around it if you post your ideia on the Age II forum, as this game already have triggers, in contrary to the first game :wink: