[Suggestion]Game Version: Build (34699) Multiplayer game have to transfer the AI source file?

When using a custom AI, must be transferred the AI source file . This is too much trouble, each player takes 2 minutes to transfer files, six players online requires 12 minutes after the game can begin.Is there any way to avoid transfer files?

This isn’t a problem regarding only custom AI scripts, but any custom content on a lobby, rather. There is no ‘workaraund’ to this, since if you want to play a game with a custom content the people in the lobby have to download it to play.

The best you can get is to play with people that already has whatever the custom content you’re hosting already subscribed. Or force to simmultaneously everyone download the custom data at the same time, since it only get downloaded when the guest is ready up, and in the moment the host gets ready the guests who are ready download it.

Could transfer of AI file be avoided by leaving it only on host computer, where its actions will be simulated? Why must same AI do its actions on all participating computers, when it ends up doing same things on all?

My guess: it needs be on server side to work on online matches, not only at the host client. Therefore, to emulate a client with a custom script running to every other client contacting the server on a match, all of these clients need to have the script as well. Think about it no different from a map.

If you exit the lobby and re-enter, you must re transfer the file. This problem is very serious. I hope the official will pay attention to it!