[SUGGESTION] Give military units building seige weapons their own builder animations

Right now the units just stand next to the siege equipment being constructed and then the equipment starts building with ghosts flickering around.

I think the units should actually have building animations like they did in AoE3 since legacy (battlefield construction by Janissaries and sepoys etc and Lakota infantry building teepees) and (much later) in AoE2 with the sergeant building the donjons.

Might make the game more immersive.

Same goes for the Delhi sultanate infantry building walls. The units just stand there while the walls build themselves.


Yeah i’d assume its quite simple as well.
Just slap on the villager building animation onto the infantry models.

Don’t know if it’s simple… but it has already been done in the franchise, so I’m pretty sure they know how to do it.

Well adding a prebuild animation to a unit’s skeleton is quite simple.
But yeah in general I think it would be a nice and easy fix.

It would be great if there are animations built by soldiers! Even if they don’t actually affect the battle. But developers still have to deal with many issues, and I’m afraid they will not see them in a short update even if they are willing.

I believe there are different teams who do different things. Those who work on game breaking bugs probably don’t work on the visuals and animations.

So we may be able to see these changes.

In AoE3DE we are getting a lot of skins, and new animations of old things in the different patches, which are happening along with the bug fixes.

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