Suggestion: give rams the "broken" formation like vils use, so that slower rams dont nerf garrisoned rams, and rams wont try to reform on every issued command

Following my post on reddit wrt the difficulty of maximising the use of rams, where the average player either doesnt use them or only uses them as a clean up, ie where the enemy is pushed back and rams are sent in to clear buildings.

I was wondering if a possible method to encourage their use without buffing them at the higher elos, would be to let them use a broken formation like vils do, that ignores the position or movement of other units in their “formation”, so they dont suffer from the atrocious formation pathing issues many other units do.

issues such as reforming when told to attack, which often leads to moving away from the destination so they can form up with their group, garrisoned rams slowed by ungarrisoned rams, bumping and blocking one another being magnified, especially since rams are so slow as is, any poor pathing is magnified

Replace one of the formations (like box) with “broken”. So you can still choose to use line or staggered, but have the option to have them move independent of one another.


I like this solution, but Instead of removing one formation they should add scattered formation type to all military.


I can’t express how much I hate ram pathing and regrouping :man_facepalming:.
I support this.

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I love using siege, but rams just vex me so much. Even if I win with them, just feels like an inordinate level of micro management