[Suggestion] [Idea] Add Human Player as an option for the 2nd player also

It will be great, if we can select to play as a human player, also for the second, third, etc. player.
For example a game, with 2 player, controlled by the human player (something similar that Rise of Nations has)

You can in the multiplayer lobbies. Go multiplayer, lobby browser, create lobby. There people will be able to join, and you can fill out the rest with AI if you want.

I think op wants to control 2 civs as one person, right?


Oh, that makes sense.

Yeah, I know multiplayer. What I mean, is to have the option to play, a single player only game, with multiple “human player” instead of the AI.
Mostly, for testing, and/or long uncompetitive games (aka “wasting time” on AoE stuff).
This was an option in RoN and I kinda like it when I just want to waste some time.

Yes. Indeed. It was an option in RoN, and as we can play, as 1 player only, in skirmish mode, I think it will be cool, to play also multiple civs slots, as a human player. Testing, city building lame games, wasting time and so on.

In single player, youu can use Ctrl + shift + F[1-9] to change the player you control. You can just set all the additional players to an inactive AI and switch to them at any point you like during the game.


I’m not sure the engine supports that and I’m afraid it could be somehow exploited in multiplayer when it is done poorly. But if a skilled modder develops that somehow it may be interesting for certain players yes.

dammit. almost forgot this option. gonna test it like this.
kinda dunno how to set an inactive AI, but I suspect that you mean selectin the very easy one. many thanks.

I Tryd to test it but neither of the ai or ctrl+shift and the f[1-9] worked

Hi there. Same, test it this morning, didn’t worked either. :frowning_face: Seems that this is not possible. And frankly I think this is not on a possible enhancements list for the main development schedule. Sadly I think this is a missed opportunity for the single player mode. Oh, well. It is what it is.