Suggestion: Improvement for Ultra Zoom (Lighting Fog Disabled)

I guess a lot of people have heard about it, and that is that the September PUP includes the Ultra Zoom, a configuration that by ticking a box in the graphics configuration section allows us to move the camera away in a somewhat exaggerated way with a very good distance, that I personally like.

However, I think there is something that can be considered by developers to make this setting a better experience, and it is the addition of another option to check box in graphical settings that allows you to disable the fog that generates the lighting .LGT at the time of moving the camera further and further away (We already have one that disables clouds and bloom) making for a rather obvious and more pleasant difference.

I just modified the file. lgt to have an example of what the difference would be and this was the result, I would like developers to consider it and if possible for a future update.


Also make it so the camera zooms into where the mouse is pointing like in supreme commander and not just to the center of the map. If someone can message this to the Devs that would be cool.

Yeah, AoE 2 DE has that feature, it would not be a bad idea to implement it also in AoE 3 DE

I just tried the ultra zoom and it really isn’t very ultra, I find it comparable to the AOE2 DE maximum zoom settings. I’m very happy about it and it made me reinstall AOE3 and buy the newest DLC. It is more than playable on my 90" tv.

BUT Why not allow us to zoom out as far as we want to, like it was possible to do on AOE2 2013 and with Supreme Commander RTS? I would like to have the choice to zoom out as far as I want to.