Suggestion: Install the command post mode of the unknown map as a formal mode similar to Imperial War or tycoon

The command post mode of the unknown map provides each player with three random historical map special technologies, making the game more interesting. It is hoped that it can be used as an official mode similar to Empire War mode and tycoon mode in the game. The technology of the historical map can improve players’ tactical changes to the characteristics of the situation, and also provide more exciting games and interesting games

How do I get access to one of these command posts?

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They have been doing loads of great jobs with unknown underwater. Many features have really low draw rates.
I know that’s one fun factor but I’d rather make some of the interesting modes more accessible.

Maybe they are using unknown as a testing ground for new features?


If you play on the map Unknown, there is a rare chance for you to start the game with a Command Post as a replacement to your starting TC

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