[SUGGESTION] Installed Mods - Add new 'Priority Top' button

In Mod Manager > Installed Mods, I don’t exactly know what the priority list is for, but adding a “Priority Top” button would be nice to move newly installed mods to the top if we desire.

I just installed a mod campaign (‘Ragnar’s Saga’) and it was placed at very bottom of the mod list. For me, that’s Priority #43. I had to click “Priority Up” 42 times to get it to the top.

If nothing else, it would let us move new mods to the top so we don’t need to scroll to the bottom to see newly acquired mods and toggle them on/off.

Other enhancements for this page could include “Priority Bottom” (to quickly move something to very bottom), drag-and-drop prioritizations, and perhaps, putting newly installed mods at the very top instead of very bottom (unless that would cause problems)?

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The priority list determines which mod takes effect if you have multiple mods of the same type. For example, if you had multiple mods for a background menu, and all of them were toggled on, you would only see the menu that was highest in the list.

All features You are asking for are already in the game. First You have to select the mod you like to move all the way up or down and next hold shift+click “Priority Up” or “Priority Down” button.

You can also active or deactive mods by holding the shift instead of clicking one by one.


Oh, cool! Should have known they thought of all that and implemented it already :smiley: I’ll look at the page later to see if it mentions this in the tooltips or somewhere, but if it doesn’t, it’d be nice if it did, at minimum

Nice! Sounds great. Thanks for clearing that up for me :slight_smile:

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Yeah, so scenarios don’t actually matter where they get placed in the list, because they never conflict. It’s mostly just graphics ones that matter for the placement, be they UI mods, or something that reskins ingame stuff.

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