[Suggestion] Make age-up harder to cancel

As it stands it is too easy to cancel age-up, because it cancels as soon as you click down on the age-up researching icon in the Town Center.

I suggest making it that for the cancelling to actually register, one should click on the researching age-up and release the click on the researching age-up, not just click down and release where ever. This way it would reduce the accidental clicks and function as a gate to only register “intentional” cancellations.

Below I shall post 3 examples where I cancelled my age-up. I know they are my mistakes, but I’m suggesting an improvement that would save me from this trouble and many others too.

These clips were taken on Steam version, on both updates 10807 and 13088:


Well, yeah that’s a “problem”, but on the thousands games I made since nilla that happened like 10 times to me, I guess it’s ur high apm + the fact that you select your tc a billion time that cause it, not sure you wouldn’t click yes right after if they ever add a confirmation button :stuck_out_tongue: that’s pretty uncomon i’d say.

But if they have the time to add it, that sure would be a good thing, there’s literally no reason to not make it.

Tbh your ammount of clicking into nothing doesnt help. click when you need to.

Still your own fault.

That is not the point, read the first post.

I wish to add the little “aoe3 qol” tag to the first post but I don’t know how.

Honestly, I play since 2004 and I don’t remenber it happening to me once.
I deleted my town center couple of times though.

I think you click everywhere without purpose. Use shortkey to access the market and its upgrade. Unbind the hotkey to age up. Your problem comes from a bad synch between your mouse and your hotkey. It shouldn’t happened.

I agree, however, that it woul be nice to add a confirmation message.