[SUGGESTION] Make description tooltips for AI choices

There’s now a long list of AI choices, and I’ve never heard of 11 of them. I have no idea what they are or whether or not I’d want to choose them. May we get descriptions of each to appear as tooltips when you hover over them?

I was ‘somewhat’ able to keep ‘vague’ track of the differences between “AI,” “AI (CD Version),” and “AI (HD Version)”… but now all bets are off; there are so many I have never heard of, like FE Immobile AI, Han - P2 Yuan Shoa, Han - P8 Xianbei, FE Aggressive AI, Vinland player 2, etc.

When you hover over each, I wish a detailed description of each was given so I can make an informed decision on what to choose.

For example only, here are some sample descriptions that could be added. I really don’t know the differences that well. Devs and other players can make better ones:

  • AI: Revamped AI for Definitive Edition. AI no longer cheats. AI starts with exact same amount of resources as humans and must gather all resources. AI personality is random (could be defensive, aggressive, turtler, passive, or?)
  • AI (CD Version): Classic AI the way it was when the game was first released in the year 1999 on CD-ROM. A little rough around the edges, and has some unfair amounts of resources at the beginning and has some various cheating capabilities, but if you’re feeling nostalgic, look no further.
  • AI (HD Version): Some improvements over the classic CD version of AI, but the AI is still able to cheat with resources, etc. Combined with higher difficulty settings, this version can make the AI markedly more aggressive and hard than the CD version.
  • FE Immobile AI: Insert a lot of cool text here to describe what this is.
  • Vinland Player 4: Make this description be amazing!



You can look after the description of the custom AI scripts you’ve downloaded on their respective descriptions at the mod tab. I can’t see exactly how custom descriptions could be added to the UI like this.

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Aren’t these custom AIs?

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I don’t remember adding any mods specifically for custom AIs to appear here. Did they get auto-added as soon as I subscribed to PhillySouljah campaigns? That doesn’t seem right.

In the lower-right corner, a tooltip appears when you hover over items in the menu. They could have custom info appear there to describe the various AIs

That could probably be it, since scenarios can come paired with data mods and AI scripts at subscription. Just unchecking the scenarios at the subbed mods tab should get rid of them.

Alright to have this, even thought they are pretty self descriptive already. But since your confusion seemed to derivate from the presence of multiple custom AI scripts, that is what I was referimg for. I don’t see how could a UI implementation could be made for every custom AI around.

I would only expect the devs to make descriptions for the three AoE2:DE standard AIs, then, assuming there are only three and the rest I see are from a mod.

They’re not self-descriptive at all. There is no indication at all of how the AI will act, behave, or anything. I’d have to assume many players have no idea what the differences are between AI, AI (CD) and AI (HD).

And if anyone mods new AI, having this tooltip ability will allow the modder to create a custom message for what their AI does that’s unique to other AIs.

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@StepS7578 you might want to have a look into the issue described in this topic of standard game and multiplayer AI selection being cluttered with scenario-specific AIs from campaign mods.

For example I already have 19 such extra AIs and single scenario from Komnenos campaign added 6 AIs (for different AI players). More and more campaigns are released with time and this can end with player having 100+ custom scenario-specific AIs in standard game and multiplayer AI selection.

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Those other AIs should be in a separate list, or separated to be listed after the game’s hard-coded default AI choices. Or should they even be listed, I don’t know?

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