Suggestion: Make exp and daily challenges worth caring about

You could tremendously make this game more appealing by giving us a reason to sign in every day. The exp in this game means absolutely nothing so why would anyone care to collect it? You can get your icons in a short period of time and they really aren’t that interesting.

I would assume balancing this game and creating new civs is a formidable challenge for the devs. But adding colors cough and the ability to choose them in multiplayer cough cough may be a quicker way to draw more consistent players. People will grind out quests just to have their spearman wear a party hat instead of a helmet or whatever. It would also give people a reason NOT to play the easiest cheese meta build they can think of every game

A lot of other games do this kind of thing I think it would be worth looking into for this game as well.

What do you think?


Agree. Just like players can get skins by playing games in COH2, players should also get special skins by playing games in AOE4.


Why aren’t there 15 masteries aimed toward Quick Match?

Ironically, Masteries should be something people can complete without being good at the game.

Setting masteries for quick match is fine if it doesn’t involve winning any games on quick match.

Things like: “Defeat 20 cavalry units in a multiplayer game” is fine. (Although I don’t see the point.)

“Win 3 MP games in a row” is not fine. Most people will not get it and not do these type of masteries.

Mmm…QM masteries should be somewhat related to mastering QM, so something easy to start, then difficult to finish.

Win a game in QM (any mode)
Win a game with 5,000 fewer resources than your opponent.
Win a team game after trading 10,000 resources (2v2—4v4)

Stuff like that.

But not everybody can win. That’s the issue.

I do not understand.

It’s like any other challenge, like hard AI, you play it until you figure out how to win.

Multiplayer ought to be the next logical step for any player that has vanquished the Hardest AI.

If it’s just how much free time you have to half idle your PC, like the current masteries, it isn’t much of a challenge or rewarding activity.

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I did not even know there were daily challenges…

The masteries, on the other hand, do offer changes to your in-game monument, which is kind of neat.

im happy enough with the mastery’s and their rewards (feels like a good pathway towards getting ready to play against the hardest AI or real players depending on your preference) im just about to finish up england and move on to the rest of them, however it would be nice if your actual EXP level gave some sort of minor cosmetic upgrades or rewards, doesn’t need to be anything crazy, maybe just an unlock ever 10 or 25 levels

I have vanquished the Hardest AI. Guess what I want?

A harder AI. Maybe extreme or an update that makes the AI better.

I don’t feel like jumping into MP at all, unless its with friends against AI in Coop.

That’s not just me tho… it’s most of the people I know. I don’t think we are the minority. It just happens that these people don’t care about balance or bugs at all, and never show up in any forums. So you don’t see them anywhere.

I imagine most of the single player community would enjoy multiplayer with friends, especially if there were prizes for playing certain ways that complimented their ideas of fun. I hope you’d try it as well.