[Suggestion] Make the Missionary more fun to play

It might have been a problem to buff the Spanish, but since their conquistador received a nerf it might be okay for them to have a small buff. Otherwise it would be fine to nerf the Missionairy numbers to account for the gameplay changes suggested here. All three changes can be implemented independently.

  1. When a Missionary is grouped with military units it no longer tries to convert enemy units. Instead it will always hang back and heal the most wounded ally unit within it’s range. Hanging back means it stays next to the allied unit furthest away from the latest target.
  2. Moving no longer cancels convert. Healing an allied unit still will. This will allow a Missionary to start conversion, if the target runs away the Missionary can follow it. Thereby using it’s extra movement speed (compared to the monk) to kite enemy units.
  3. Allow the Missionary to benefit from blacksmith armor upgrade. Adjusted after comments pointed out they already upgrade from stable cavalry upgrades.
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Already there.

Just make it convert and heal same efficient as the normal monk, that will be fine even if its costs up to 120 gold.

Or just be able to pick up relics

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This change was there since DE’s release.

He’s talking about their range.

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They already get bloodlines and husbandry.

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With husbandry and monk speed tech they run at teuton cavalry speed so they are real annoying to deal against.

Their 7 range is their only drawback. With 9 range they’d be OP. 9 range conversions in castle age and outrun archers.

Btw, wiki has full patch history of each unit all the way from AoK. On the bottom of the pages.

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I’m sure that many people find the missionary already quite fun :upside_down_face:


I think that adding a New Stance called ‘Healer” to follow troops like a SC2 Medic would be interesting.

Is there any data on how much they’re used?
I never see them in play.

Tbh I think missionaries are good right now, especially in teamgames. I’d rather give them crossbows (it is also a big historical accuracy mistake that they don’t have access to it)

Viper had them in lowest Tier alongside Ele Archer

Viper’s word isn’t gospel though. Missionaries with fervor are almost as fast a conqs and are very useful for healing them.

It is and will always remain a niche unit, but that is not a problem in itself. Monks are already somewhat niche in the first place.


I think they’re fine. 65HP, almost as fast as cavalry for the same cost as monks. I believe they heal and convert at the same rate as monks in DE, not picking relics sucks but I suppose it’d be too strong at that. I think the range is the most limiting factor, block printing fixes a lot of it in the late game tho

No doubt,

But considering the fact that Viper played way more game than I (personally) have, I’d trust his judgement

But now you came into the equation and you know a lot about balance, so checkmate for me 11

Don’t think too highly of me either 11 I’ve had my share of dumb ideas. For example I initially believed that -35% infantry discount in dark age would be fine for Goths.

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Well, mistakes happen 11

I cant remember making missionaries ever. They pretty much deserves a buff.

I think if missionaries were able to pick up relics, it would make them much more useful.

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I like the idea of a really slight buff to Missionaries.

I highly discourage you from suggesting picking relics by a highly mobile unit. It would be a design flaw.

I like the idea of giving them +1 range.
I would consider making them faster (as fast as knights).