[Suggestion] More enjoyable ladder for newbies and lower ranked players

Here’s my suggestion on how to make ladder more enjoyable for the lower half of the player base:

Make everyone be able to reach Gold I eventually by just grinding the game, basically the inflationary system we had in Season 1.

Once in Gold I, players will promote by winning games, just like it works right now.

Make everyone start 1 league lower at the beginning of the season (Diamonds start in Plat, Plats start in Gold, Golds in Silver, Silvers in Bronze), so that they get a sense of progression at all ranks. (Ofc behind the curtains they will still get matched via hidden MMR.)

This way the only people stuck in Bronze-Silver will be the ones who don’t play enough games, while everyone else can enjoy at least a Gold I rank. This will encourage new players to keep playing, as they won’t hit a wall early on, as well as not feeling ashamed of their low ranks.