[Suggestion] More sprites for units in different cultures

I’ve been playing lately a lot of 3v3 and 4v4 games, and even when is a lot more fun than playing SC2, there is a problem when using team based colors.

is not easy to distinguish quickly who is who.

xbowmen? champions?, husars?all seem equal. even if they are from Africa or Far east.

In Sc2 there is not this problem because a Zerg always will be distinguishable from terrans or protoss.

I still use the hotkey to alternate colors, but I’m pretty sure many people will appreciate to have a French Champion aesthtically diferent from one Chinese.

I know there is this mod:


but is not trustworthy enough.

if the new sprites come even like a paid DLC, I would buy it just to identify better who is who with the team based colors.


Most of the player base wants regional unit skins for about 15 years now.
But different looking units are not very useful in multiplayer games as you might not be able to identify at first look which is which.
But when people get use to it it will not be a huge issue even old games like rise of nation have regional unit skins.


Age of Empires having a booming community should have civ specific skins by now like other RTS games.


Come on devs, the game needs at least 4 regions to be visually believable, and that’s not so many that it would confuse people. It can be optional anyway. All praise be to Omkar, but we need definitive enhanced graphics and multiplayer compatibility.


It could be made as mod, something that you can use for campaigns or casual games and deactivate for more competive online games.

For sure thare are a lot of skin I hoped they changed with the definitive edition (in a similar way to how change buildings or ship’s sails) like an arab long swordman could have a curve blade, and a Nordic one an axe (both models that are already present in the scenario editor), other examples could be the meso Xbows, which they could use bows instead of Xbows.
Of course every unit would have some sort of recognizable feature, like the 2HS would hold the weapon in the same way despite of skin.

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We can start with regional monks, as they used to be in Voobly


What exactly are you not able to distinguish, I’m baffled? And how different sprites is going to help you in that?

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Champions from britsh, and champions from aztecs for example.

or scouts from huns and scouts from mongols.

read my post again, I’m using team based color: yellow are allies, and red are enemies.


Still can’t see the issue? Why you need to distinquish those? How do you distinquish them when they are same civ or same looking civ? Only by player color.

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The actual problem you have is using team based colors and sprites aren’t going to fix that.

It wouldn’t help for better distinguish units, it would only improve the game immersion, of course that would make some games more difficult, and that’s why it should be a mod that can be activeted/deactivated.
Also it could start simple, like with regional monks, kings and villagers.
Then if the people like it could be applied to milatry too.


merchants and trade carts too, perhaps the queen unit too.


No one wants new hero skins?


Could be cool for campaigns, especially if they add something new.


Having lots of different looking hero skins will not affect competitive play and will help make better looking scenarios.
Modders can also use those skins to make different looking unit sets.

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to make the calls in discord.

in the OP I even say how I use the hotkey alt-G…

How are you not able to make them based on player colors wth? And stop playing with team based colors 11, they are inferior.

Any new sprites with the latest update?

Nope there is none except the Golden Bombard Cannon Mod via tournament…Here are the graphics files modified in this update:

Also did you not read, I said what if there are same civs or same looking civs in the mix, how are you gonna make the call any better with “different sprites” if the sprites are again the same cause civs happened to be alike? Makes zero sense.